Friday, 23 March 2018

Travelwise Year 4 Winner...Ruby

Congratulations to Ruby for winning the draw for the Year 4 Travelwise prize...Ka Pai!

Principals Award to Danya!

Congratulations to Danya for being a shining star in Room 18. We love your positive attitude and enthusiasm for learning.

Poverty Poem by Jessica C. Brodie and Erin

Poverty is…
Poor people living on the street
All they get is a can of mistreat
One pair of shoes to wear day and night
Work, work, work until morning light
Get a job, get it quick
If you don’t, children get sick
Run to The City Mission
Unaware that your children
Are trying to bear the cold and the wind
Lying on streets with no help
Catching doctors and dentists
Getting sicker and sicker
City Mission searching the streets
Finally good care
Now they are safe
Help the homeless!

By Jessica C, Brodie and Erin

Poverty Poem by Danya

Poverty is…
No money for important needs
Like vegetables and peas
Go to The City Mission
No belongings to start wishing
Having an over-crowded house
Can’t do anything about the mouse
Night sleepers on the street
Having bare feet

By Danya

Povert Poem by Zoey

Poverty is…

Can’t afford  household goods
Only can sleep on the streets
Go to The City Mission
Asking the things they wishing  for
Nothing can’t stop them being poor
Once they have the basics
Living happily once again

By Zoey

Poverty Poem by Ruby

Poverty is...

Being poor and living on the street
Not getting to go to the Drs or Dentist
Getting help for food
Not enough money
Can’t have cool presents
Can’t do sports
Going to The City Mission for help

By Ruby